Knights need to know

                     Q. I. Roberts Knight's Code

Q - Strive for QUALITY (Never settle for less than your best.)
I - Maintain your INTEGRITY (Be brave in the face of your challenges.)
R - Exhibit RESPECT (Through words & deeds show kindness.)

CHARACTER CORNER - Q. I. Roberts Monthly Character Quality


**"Justin Asbell always does his work, never asks to turn work in late and has maintained high grades all year.  He is very mature and takes his responsibilities and his education seriously".....Ms. Scoville
**"Betty Arnold is always taking responsibility for her choices and striving to learn from her mistakes and make the best choices possible.  She always goes above and beyond and is extremely dependable.  Betty makes no excuses and shows great GRIT".....Mrs. Weeks
**"Melanie Connelly is always on top of her work and makes sure to communicate with her teachers.  If she is absent you don't have to worry about her getting caught up because she probably did it early".....Ms. Hudson


**"Rylee Kenyon is a wonderful student, she is trusted by all her peers.  Her honesty is one of her great qualities.  She is such a great help at her table.  Her future is very bright.  I am proud to be her teacher" .....Ms.Hough
**"Stephanie Perez does the right thing, even when no one is looking.  She is the type of student that is honest even if it isn't favorable.  She always does just what she says she will do and I find that I can trust her fully in any situation"....Ms. Beckles


** "Brooke Barraclough treats others how she would like to be treated.  She is very respectful and treats others with fairness.  She is never to shy to give a helping hand" ....Layla Jones
** "Carlie Drew treats everyone around her with the same fairness.  She demonstrates this quality with her peers and teachers!" ...Ms. Rowe
** "Marissa McKibben is very respectful to everybody.  She is a caring and fair person who treats everyone with the same level of courtesy" ...Mr. Doo


** "John Lingg is kind to everyone, makes new students feel welcome in their new environment." ...Alyssa Livingstone
** "Emerald Wood is the NJHS president, she works hard to keep the club running smoothly and serving the community.  She has a great desire to meet the needs of others" ...Mrs. Thomas
** "Samantha Surratt volunteers to feed the class pets and she does a wonderful job.  She makes sure her dutiies are completed daily" ...Mrs. Rowe
**  "Ashley DeGraff, Destiny Wood, Cady Young, Arielle Young, Layna Pendleton  - Thanks for coming in during winter break to help out in the classroom" ...Ms. De More

November & December - Caring

** "Betty Arnold is always there to talk to if anyone needs someone to talk to" ...Erica Brown
** "McKayla Louder always asks how my day went and I'm very grateful, my life would be dull and grey without her"... Annonymous
** "Lanya Lee constantly cares about the well being of others, she tries to make everyone happy and is truly a great friend" ...Daisy R.
** "Hannah Parrish sent me an email that cheered me up after a morning of not feeling well"... Ms. Rowe
** "Jarell Perry cares deeply about our school and his classmates" ...Ms. Cantrell
** "Garrett Holley takes friendship seriously and treats friends like family.  He puts others first in a genuine and unselfish way"...Ms. Beckles

October - Responsibility

**"Alex Gedris is nice, always has his things ready for class and is never late"...Annonymous
**"Allison France if my role model for responsibilty" ... Samantha Clark
**Justin Asbell takes charge whenever no one else will; he is going to go somewhere in life"...Hannah Seyler

September - Respect

**"Jayla Brown is one person I'd look up to" says Shamaria Gerald
**"Gabrielle Pearse is very smart, considerate of others, nice and kind " says Jaley Varnes
**"Brittany Luong works very hard and should be respected by her peers" says Taylor Kelly and Darlene Savoy

Q.I. Roberts Group Photo