AICE exam results

Despite a challenging year, our students worked hard on their Cambridge examinations. We still have a few left, but this year, we offered 22 different courses and administered over 38 different individual exams. 

Our students study to earn their Cambridge "AICE" Diploma, which guarantees them a full Bright Futures scholarship from the state of Florida. Earning the AICE diploma means they have passed at least 7 exams, including classes in Mathematics/Science, Arts/Humanities, English Language and Global Perspectives. Our typical progression often results in students earning over 30 credit hours, which is equivalent to about a year's worth of college credits. Beyond the tangible benefits, our students benefit from a well-rounded, challenging and globally-minded curriculum that will prepare them well for the jobs of tomorrow.

Exam results will be released to schools and the students on August 11th Via the Cambridge website.  The school will not be providing results over the phone. score reports will be available during schedule pickup at the beginning of the 2021/2022 school year.