Students and Families:

We are all looking forward to the start of the 2021-2022 school year with hope and anticipation for a return to normalcy. While we had a great deal of success last year, there was a great deal to overcome. Adversity strengthens us and we are ready to implement the lessons we’ve all learned and show our new-found resilience as we continue to excel in all that we do.

Our program is the most challenging and rigorous education available in the North East Florida region. We compete with Private Schools and Public Magnet Schools throughout Florida and do so while maintaining our status as a Title I school serving students who live in or slightly above the poverty line. While we support and celebrate the accomplishments of other schools in Putnam County, we are the only school able to generate Florida Bright Futures Scholars at a rate higher than 10%. 

Our students are also uniquely prepared for Colleges and Universities. Our recent graduates all share the same feedback when they return for vacations: College is easy compared to QI. This is a key part of your decision to attend Q.I. Roberts. You want to test yourself, prepare yourself for whatever opportunities come, and you want the best education available in the region.

I commend you on embarking on this difficult path and I urge you to stay the course. My message to all students is do the hard things. We want to develop well-rounded students who are prepared for life beyond High School. We want students who are not only able to be accepted into prestigious Universities but excel once they get there. We offer a safe environment where students are surrounded by peers who are focused on their personal development through hard work and personal agency, who take responsibility for their present and future success, and who meet challenges head on with determination. This is the way of the Knight and I am so glad you have chosen it. 

Remember, you are not alone. You have a team of people here at the school who want the same things for you. Please reach out to us as often as you need to make sure your experience at Q.I Roberts is the best.



Joe Theobold