QI Knight

Our Cambridge AICE exams results have come in and we are truly proud and amazed at what our teachers and students were able to accomplish last year. We tested 21 different courses, through 972 examinations. We are very proud of our individual subject pass rates, many of them the best QI has had and many exceeding national and international pass rates. As a school our average pass rate is 74%, meaning that 74% of exams taken in the spring resulted in students earning college credits. We are also very proud of the class of 2022 as 72% of them already passed their 7 exams needed to earn their AICE diploma. With the AICE diploma if students complete 100 service hours will qualify them for full tuition and a bright future scholarship to any state university in Florida. 

We are proud of our students, teachers, and staff and look forward to what the future holds. #excellenceallendeavors